Pre-K 1 Room (turning 4)

Pre-Kindergarten (turning 4) classroom

  • Children in this room are two years away from kindergarten
  • Skills in this room build upon what is learned in the Preschool 3’s room
  • Social-Emotional skills are emphasized through our use of the Second Step Curriculum. This includes identification of emotions, making and keeping friends, and practicing calming strategies at times when children are already calm so that they can use them when they do become upset.
  • Children are preparing to enter Kindergarten in this room. They learn to write their full names, practice paying attention to longer circle times and story times, etc.  Children begin learning introductory reading skills including identification of sight words.
  • Centers are more advanced and in addition to dramatic play, blocks, etc., they are also provided with a math center, science center, and other rotating centers based upon the monthly curriculum and weekly lesson plans of the room
  • Continuing and maturing of use of manners, awareness of self, showing respect for one’s self and others, taking turns, and taking responsibility for daily tasks – we really encourage independence at this age!